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Heat treatment pallet


[product name]: heat treatment of wooden pallets

[material]: imported pine, poplar, metasequoia, hemlock wood etc.

[approach]: two face forks or four side forks

[size]: 1200*10001200*8001140*11401140*9801100*1100 and so on, can also be customized according to different requirements of the customer

[panel thickness]: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and so on

[appearance]: Sichuan type, Japanese typeface, field type, reinforced, double-sided, American, European standard

[fumigation certificate / Phytosanitary Certificate]: in case of export, a certificate of heating treatment can be raised and a IPPC logo is added.

Load weight: dynamic load: 1000-3000kg static load: 1000-4000kg

Quality assurance: unconditional exchange of goods in case of quality problems

[scope of application]: export is widely used in warehouses, logistics, automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical appliances, hardware machinery, logistics center, chemical industry, food, beverage, medical treatment, textile and many other fields. It can meet the needs of the customers in various industries.

1, can reduce the damage of the goods due to loading and unloading pallets produced.

2. Made of natural wood as raw material, the tray is hard and firm and durable.

3, larger than the ordinary pallet bearing capacity, high bending strength, good rigidity, high bearing capacity, low cost, easy maintenance, low temperature resistance and high temperature performance.

4, wooden pallets can be adapted to mechanization of goods, reduce the intensity of loading and unloading goods, to speed up the handling and transport speed. Is the ideal choice for convenient storage racks, goods stacking.

5, its cheap and good quality is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, textile, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, supermarkets and other industries, and it is widely used as a logistics carrier.

6, according to the customer needs, can be fumigated to meet the needs of the export countries, is the necessary product of export.

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