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Iron box


Iron box: iron plate, rectangular containers made of iron tube or mixed materials.

Iron box is widely used in manufacturing and processing enterprises, product warehouses, logistics and storage centers. It is an important part of modern logistics and warehousing equipment. The iron box has various structure forms, convenient and flexible use and strong bearing capacity. The iron box usually stacks up each other, and it can also move with the forklift truck in the area. It can also install casters at the bottom, and also can cooperate with the crane to lift, move and fall.

The bottom of the steel box is made of frame type rigid structure, which is welded by steel panel and steel leg.

The four sides of the upper side plate of the box type iron box are welded with high quality corrugated plate or flat plate.

The upper part of the net type iron box is welded with high quality cold drawn steel wire and high quality steel wire, which is the same as the storage cage.

The surface treatment of iron box adopts shot blasting technology, which can better remove rust and remove oil, and eliminate the pollution problem of previous pickling and phosphating, which is more suitable for environmental protection requirements, and is conducive to the export of steel iron box. In the later period, the 180 degree high temperature spray baking technology is used to make the product neat, beautiful and durable. The size of the iron box can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer's products. When we purchase the iron box, we should consider the external dimensions of the products to be placed. The maximum load of the design should meet the requirements of use and whether it is used as warehousing or for turnover, and whether it needs stacking.

The iron box is usually designed according to the actual needs of the customer.

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